Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the City Municipality Center and in collaboration with the Coast Operator (Basatin Company), implemented a recycling initiative titled "Yalla Return" at Al Bateen Beach. This initiative seeks to enlighten visitors about environmental preservation and its significance, promoting sustainability and recycling in line with the "Year of Sustainability" goals.
The initiative displayed recycled items applied at the beach to school students, featuring the recycling of used tires into visitor seating and the repurposing of beach stones to construct sitting chairs, among other innovative uses.
This concept emerged from efforts to utilize renewable resources and minimize waste. It also involved organizing recycling-related activities, such as tire painting and planting flowers in plastic bottles.
The initiative covered a range of aspects and objectives, prominently aimed at boosting environmental consciousness and inspiring children to take an active role in recycling activities and the conservation of the environment.

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