Abu Dhabi

Within the framework of the (Umm Saeed) initiative launched by the Department of Municipalities and Transport The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, represented by the Sub-Municipal Operations Sector - in cooperation with partners: (Al Wathba Lake - Ramla Al Hamra - Stables - Al Faya bicycle rental area), in cooperation with partners:
Abu Dhabi Police General Command, Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company - Tadweer, (Together), Friends of the Environment Society, Al Qayyim School, Zayed Foundation for People of Determination.This campaign comes within the framework of the municipality’s keenness to protect the wild environment, confront all forms of distortions of the general appearance, and with the aim of providing the best standards of public cleanliness and safety on land, and creating a sound environment that fulfills the aspirations of the visitors of these areas.
The campaign also aimed to enhance the culture of social responsibility and volunteer work, spread environmental awareness and instill the correct behavioral commitment to enhance the elements of righteousness and its sustainability.
The 10-day campaign succeeded in achieving positive and fruitful results, as participants were able to collect a large amount of waste and dispose of it in accordance with best environmental practices and standards.
The campaign focused on spreading environmental awareness among members of the community, educating the community to maintain the cleanliness of wild sites in particular and the cleanliness of areas in general, improving the quality of life, strengthening channels of communication between partners and the community, and strengthening the municipal role. During the campaign, awareness leaflets were also published on social networking sites. Social and application (ferijna).

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