Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality's Environment, Health, and Safety Department recently conducted an Virtual awareness workshop Through Microsoft Teams
The workshop aimed to educate workers and site supervisors about heat stress and the legal requirements surrounding work during the  summer months. The session also covered the standards for complying with the law prohibiting work at noon.
The workshop aimed to highlight the significance of employers and supervisors adopting appropriate measures, comprehending, and executing a program for managing heat stress to safeguard workers from the heat at construction sites in Abu Dhabi during the summer. Additionally, it aimed to educate workers about safety requirements, all within the context of ensuring a safe working environment and protecting their health and safety.
The workshop emphasized the importance of implementing Decision No. (401 of 2015) for construction site managers. The decision specifies the working hours during noon, necessitating that work carried out under the sun and in open spaces be halted from 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM. This rule is enforced for three months, from June 15 to September 15, each year.
The workshop covered safe work practices and the need for hydration solutions to prevent heat stress among workers on construction sites while maintaining their occupational safety and health.
Notably, the law prohibiting work at noon during the summer is one of the preventive measures that distinguishes the United Arab Emirates from all other countries in the world to protect the safety of workers. All companies, especially contracting companies, are required to completely stop work during the noon period for a period of three months. Large fines are also imposed on companies that violate instructions and laws to preserve the safety and health of workers in construction and construction sites.

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