Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality has called on community members, encompassing both owners and tenants, to replace damaged flags with new ones that befit the emblem of the state and align with the city's polished image. They have championed such behaviors and instilled social responsibility across all demographics to honor and uphold the state flag. This initiative also aims to sustain the overall aesthetic appeal in tandem with Abu Dhabi's cultural and urban resurgence.
This initiative was a segment of an awareness inspection campaign spearheaded by the Municipality over five consecutive days across all regions within its jurisdiction, facilitated through its subsidiary centers: The City Municipality, Al Shahama Municipality, Musaffah Municipality, Madinat Zayed Municipality, Al Wathba Municipality, and the Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center in Baniyas.
During the campaign, the municipality's inspectors diligently monitored and substituted damaged flags. They distributed fresh flags to homeowners, directing them to swap out old ones and emphasizing the significance of displaying the UAE flag correctly on homes and establishments. This initiative both honors the state's emblem and enhances Abu Dhabi's sophisticated and cultured presence. Moreover, the municipality is committed to ingraining these principles in younger generations, nurturing a profound respect and esteem for the state flag.
The campaign also encompassed the dissemination of numerous awareness materials via the municipality's official social media accounts and the "Freejna" application. Targeted awareness text messages were sent to specific groups across all areas under the jurisdiction of Abu Dhabi City Municipality and its subsidiary centers.

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