Abu Dhabi

Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center in Baniyas has launched the " fee ounkom " initiative, offering sunscreen head umbrellas and distributing chilled water containers to workers. This act is intended to spread joy among workers and provide relief from the summer heat. The humanitarian effort took place at various construction sites in Bani Yas.
This undertaking aligns with the strategic goals that emphasize fostering substantial and impactful collaborations with both the public and private sectors. It underscores the significance of maintaining communication with diverse societal groups, introducing initiatives that positively influence the community, and embedding the Emirati values of unity and compassion.
Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center in Baniyas highlighted that such endeavors exemplify the compassionate ethos of the UAE society, showcasing unity across its varied demographics. These activities resonate with the compassionate vision of our esteemed leadership, emphasizing the importance of engaging with all societal members and acknowledging workers for their dedication in all circumstances.
The Center expressed that this initiative serves as a token of gratitude and respect for the workers, underscoring the unity, solidarity, and collaborative spirit of our community.

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