Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality keeps up with the Month of Innovation by organizing multiple workshops and events that encourage its employees to innovate, whereas the municipality organizes several workshops, lectures, and competitions that target the employees of the Municipality, strategic partners, and individuals of the community.
Within the framework of promoting and consolidating the culture of innovation in line with the vision of the Emirates, which considers innovation a fundamental axis within its national strategy, and with the aim of enhancing the role of partnerships with strategic partners from various sectors within the month of innovation under the slogan “The Emirates Innovates 2024” and in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, a workshop was implemented by Titled (Managing the Innovation System), it was held in the main building of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, which aimed to present the most important pillars and main axes that are relied upon to enhance the innovation system. The most important practices followed by the Ministry of Interior regarding motivating employees to present their best ideas and proposals were also reviewed, and the workshop was implemented. In person and virtually, the number of participants reached 120.
The events aim to support the members of Abu Dhabi City Municipality and increase their awareness of innovation. They offer an opportunity to present their proposals and explore the best practices for the topics to be discussed, contributing to the improvement of idea quality and the development of institutional performance in innovation, as well as raising the level of innovative maturity within the institution
Moreover, the Municipality works on attracting entities that lead in innovation and inviting strategic partners from technological and technical government entities, academic authorities, and international companies to participate in the events and conduct specialized workshops in innovation. It focuses on attracting innovative projects and examining the possibility of implementing the parts that align with the competencies and framework of the Municipality. Additionally, it provides the opportunity for people with great ideas to participate in those workshops within identified agendas.
The events include interactive workshops presented by a group of innovation specialists and feature worksheets on managing innovation in institutions. They also present the best practices in innovation, propose discussions on thinking mechanisms/managing proposals, and organize the 'Innovative Projects Exhibition' to harvest inspirational ideas for the development of institutional innovation.
Additionally, the events will include educational competitions among employees to foster the search for innovative concepts. They will also feature an initiative for proposing innovative solutions and sharing them with the community. This provides an opportunity to attract innovators and creative managers and employees, and includes awarding those whose ideas were implemented, as well as the strategic partners.

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