Abu Dhabi

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, through the Sub-Municipal Operations Sector and the Municipal Presence Centers, implemented the Ramadan Meer initiative by distributing hundreds of baskets of food supplies to workers and needy families.
 Within the same framework, the Musaffah Municipality Center 
implemented, on the occasion of the month of Ramadan, the “Ramadan Meer” initiative by distributing 150 food baskets to eligible groups within the geographical scope of the centre, with the aim of making residents happy and spreading smiles and joy during the holy month.The initiative was carried out in collaboration with supportive partners, including Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket, and City Markets, ensuring its success. Additionally, the initiative saw active participation and engagement from the Director of the Mussafah Municipality Center, along with departments managers, heads, and employees, contributing to its effectiveness.
This initiative aligns with the commitment to bolster social responsibility, instill the principles of community solidarity, and disseminate the ethos of tolerance, love, and generosity. It focused on providing the “Ramadan Food Parcel” to the working community, which comprised an assortment of vital food essentials.
The Zayed City Municipality Center, represented by the Rabdan Municipal Presence Center and Shakhbout City, also implemented the Ramadan Meer Initiative in cooperation with the Red Crescent and the Jalil Foodstuff Store, where the Ramadan Meer was distributed to 280 needy families between Shakhbout City and the Rabdan area. The Center distributes Ramadan food to workers working in the gardens and Tadweer Group workers who cover the geographical scope of the Centre, which highlights the meanings of giving in the holy month of Ramadan.
The city municipal center also implemented the Ramadan Meer initiative in cooperation with the Al Mushrif Cooperative Society, where it distributed 100 food baskets, and the Community Operations Department distributed 400 food baskets. Likewise, Al Wathba Municipal Center implemented the Ramadan Meer initiative, distributing 25 food baskets.
It's noteworthy that the Abu Dhabi City Municipality is dedicated to launching various community initiatives aimed at reinforcing community bonds, motivating societal engagement in charitable deeds to boost community involvement and foster positive interactions with diverse organizations and institutions, ultimately spreading joy within society.

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