Abu Dhabi

To proactively educate its workforce about the proactive measures to combat diabetes and its early onset, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, in collaboration with the City Planning Sector's Environment, Health, and Safety Department, curated a specialized workshop on diabetes. This initiative, held in partnership with the Canadian Medical Center, took place in the Innovation Hall of the Municipality's central building.
Timed to align with World Diabetes Day, the workshop encompassed an insightful session detailing preventive measures against diabetes, emphasizing a balanced diet, consistent exercise, and regular physical activity as critical factors in mitigating diabetes-related complications. The event also served as a platform to support those grappling with diabetes by highlighting essential first aid measures, particularly during sudden episodes or fainting spells related to the condition.
Furthermore, the workshop underscored the significance of regular health check-ups, with a particular focus on monitoring blood sugar levels. Emphasis was placed on the early diagnosis, acknowledging the profound impact of diabetes on individuals' well-being and their day-to-day lives.

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