Abu Dhabi

In honor of senior citizens and in recognition of their esteemed status within the community, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, via the City Municipality Center, organized a Community Day for senior citizens and residents at Al Bateen Beach. This event was part of the "Journey of Generations" initiative and was conducted in collaboration with the "Rabdan Volunteer Team".
The events aimed to elevate the role of senior citizens and residents in community forums, and to enhance the awareness of younger generations about the value and status of senior citizens and residents. The goal was to foster closer interactions and strengthen unity, bonding, rapport, and affection across different generations and ages. Additionally, the activities focused on breaking the solitude of senior citizens, boosting their community participation through physical activity, and creating community events for them to engage with younger generations and become familiar with their interests.
The Community Day for senior citizens and residents featured a variety of awareness and entertainment programs, where youth, senior citizens, and residents exchanged conversations to share memories, life, and practical experiences to benefit younger generations. Moreover, the senior citizens offered advice to the youth, encouraging them to pursue education, work, and serve the country according to their fields, interests, and abilities. This guidance aimed to inspire the youth to contribute to nation-building, progress, and development, and to become exemplary role models for future generations.
The atmosphere of the activities was characterized by positivity, collaboration, and rapport among attendees, in a manner that reinforced the bonds of unity and cohesiveness among community members and generations. Additionally, the event included fun and educational competitions. In recognition of their status and participation, senior citizens and participating residents were honored after the events.

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