Abu Dhabi

To expand agricultural land and green spaces, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, via the Shahama Municipality Center, joined the “Preserving our Emirate Through Planting” initiative led by the Emirates Environmental Group. They planted 3,500 Ghaf tree seedlings across areas within the Shahama Municipality Center's jurisdiction, with over 400 community volunteers participating. 
The initiative’s objectives included contributing to the improvement of weather conditions, addressing heat emissions, keeping abreast with the Year of Sustainability and the UAE’s hosting of Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28). It also aimed to enhance cooperation between Abu Dhabi City Municipality and its strategic partners who contribute to its ongoing reforestation campaigns and initiatives.
The initiative comprised the planting of 3500 Ghaf tree seedlings in various locations within the scope of Al Shahama Municipality Center. This included 500 trees in Al-Sharia Park forest, 22000 trees along the Al-Mafraq-Dubai in both directions, and 350 trees on the right side of the Abu Dhabi- Sweihan Road.
This initiative underscores Abu Dhabi City Municipality’s commitment to expanding green areas, promoting sustainability principles in agriculture, and preserving a healthy environment. It also seeks to enhance the overall urban landscape, providing a positive ambiance for road users and fostering a connection with the community. As of today, a total of 2,115,712 seedlings of various native trees have been planted since the initiative’s commencement in 2007, under the slogan “Preserving our Emirate Through Planting.”
Additionally, Abu Dhabi City Municipality emphasizes that it dictates significant interest to expanding green areas and natural beautification elements, and actively engages in planting fruit-bearing, flowering, and evergreen trees in various geographical areas within its jurisdiction, with a particular focus on the Ghaf tree. This tree is one of the UAE’s native trees and can live for up to 120 years on average.
The municipality employs a comprehensive set of techniques and activities to safeguard and nurture Ghaf trees. These measures involve tending to young seedlings and ensuring their proper staking, maintaining effective irrigation systems to ensure the trees receive sufficient water, and keeping the soil around the tree trunks clean while eliminating surface salts. The techniques employed by the Municipality also include regular pruning, and elevating trees height to a level that does not hinder visibility or traffic flow, selectively thinning out branches with sizable green canopies and substantial weight to ensure their stability during windy weather, and the creation of wind passages for trees.

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