Abu Dhabi

On World Engineering Day, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the Support Services Department, organized a celebration at its Headquarters. This event aimed to recognize the invaluable efforts of the Municipality's innovative engineers and underscore their vital role in supporting the overall revitalization of Abu Dhabi and advancing critical strategic projects.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality pointed out that Engineer's Day is one of the important days in which the efforts of the engineer who makes it are appreciated to reach a world full of sophistication, progress, and upgrading the quality of life.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality emphasized that Engineer's Day stands as a significant occasion for the appreciation of engineers whose contributions are pivotal in striving for a world marked by sophistication, progress, and an improved quality of life.
Additionally, the celebration featured a workshop presented by Eng. Sultan Saud Al-Harthy, which resonated with the principles of the Year of Sustainability 2023 and was aligned with the theme: "Engineering innovation for a more resilient world".
During his lecture, Eng. Sultan Al Harthy emphasized the foundational role that engineering plays in the development and well-being of society. He underscored the critical importance of ensuring that future generations of engineers and scientists have the capability to devise solutions that can effectively address the challenges confronting us on both local and global scales.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality was dedicated to infusing an element of enjoyment and amusement into the celebration of International Engineer's Day, aiming to bring joy to the engineers. This was accomplished by organizing competitions, entertaining segments, and presenting symbolic prizes to the participants.

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