Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, facilitated by the Al Wathba Municipality Center, has inaugurated two walkways. One is located in Al Shamkha City, and the other in Al Shawamekh City, as part of the Municipality's commitment to provide community and sporting facilities of international caliber and standards, and to foster a healthy environment for the local residents and motivate them to engage in sports activities in general, with a specific emphasis on walking, jogging, and a range of fitness sports.
The Baniyas Sports Club and Noor Al Ahly Medical Center participated in the opening event.
The Municipality attests that the initiation of this project aligns with its pledge to provide sporting facilities and walkways that enable residents to engage in sports in a secure and healthy setting, equipped with all safety and public health prerequisites, as well as services. They emphasize that ongoing development of sporting facilities bolsters community health, turns sports into a routine practice, and cultivates a health-conscious tradition that aids in improving the population's physical fitness and fortifying community bonds.
In greater detail, the Municipality states that the Al Shamkha Walkway covers a running area of 8713.62 square meters, while the stretch of the running track extends to 4356.81 linear meters.
The walkway has been outfitted with 13 umbrellas to provide shade for resting visitors and protection against the heat during peak hours, along with 16 seats scattered along the pathway.
The Municipality has further enhanced the sporting potential of the walkway by equipping it with a range of sports apparatus, totalling 18 devices, along with two directional boards. Furthermore, waste bins have been provided to maintain the walkway's cleanliness and its wholesome atmosphere.
With a focus on improving public safety and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the walkway, the Municipality has installed lighting poles as well as umbrella lighting, with a total of 42 lighting fixtures along the walkway, and the rubber flooring of the walkway spans 465.08 square meters.
The Municipality added that the Al Shawamekh walkway encompasses a running area of 3789 square meters, while the running track extends to 1894.5 linear meters. The facility boasts 7 umbrellas, 8 pieces of sports equipment, 9 seats, 7 waste bins, 18 lighting fixtures (including pole and umbrella lighting), and 2 guidance boards. The area covered by rubber flooring in Al Shawamekh Walkway amounts to 230.04 square meters.

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