Abu Dhabi

The Musaffah Municipality Center, representing the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, has launched an extensive awareness drive, both online and in the field. This initiative focuses on educating owners of seaside retreats in the Al Nouf area about neglected marine equipment, such as boats and trailers. Through this campaign, hundreds of informative messages have been disseminated, aiming to foster community engagement across all strata of society. The campaign’s primary goals are to deliver timely public awareness about environmental preservation, public health and safety, and to stress the importance of compliance with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi's prevailing regulations to maintain aesthetic standards.
The campaign is a part of the Municipality's dedicated efforts to enhance residents' quality of life, beautify the cityscape, and preserve the integrity of the marine environment and beaches.
Running from May 15 to 17, 2023, this initiative actively involves community members in maintaining the city's aesthetic appeal and preserving public recreational facilities. The campaign provides guidance to owners of bearings on the proper methods to dispose of neglected and deteriorated equipment. It also underscores their crucial role in safeguarding the beaches and the environment. The campaign aims to educate owners about the legal implications of neglecting these trailers, thus helping them avoid any penalties outlined by the relevant laws and regulations. This initiative further stimulates a sense of shared responsibility towards public spaces, recreational facilities, beaches, and the environment, promoting collective action to preserve and enhance their beauty.
The Community Services and Happiness Department has been instrumental in this campaign, conducting field tours to oversee the situation on the ground. The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City has also utilized its approved text messaging system to spread awareness messages and provide necessary guidance.
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