Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, represented by the Public Health Division, has urged all workers in the craft workshops of Mussafah to strictly adhere to health, safety, and security regulations while carrying out their work in these establishments. This initiative is part of our commitment to safeguarding their well-being, public health, and the welfare of the community, while also promoting overall health and safety.
This announcement was made as part of the awareness campaign conducted by the municipality in Mussafah Industrial City. The campaign's initial phase focused on three specific areas in Mussafah, aiming to raise awareness among workers in the workshops and provide them with essential education regarding the health requirements applicable to these workshops.
The campaign team was dedicated to acquainting workshop workers with the specific public health requirements for workshop facilities, as well as emphasizing preventive measures they should take to improve both their personal safety and the safety of the broader community.
The team also affixed QR code stickers on workshop and repair facilities that contain health requirements. The campaign team educated facility owners about the importance of complying with health requirements and informed workers in each facility about the significance of adhering to health, safety, and security requirements. Moreover, they raised awareness among community members and those who frequent these service facilities about the necessary precautions and proper practices to protect their health and general safety.

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