Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has emphasized the significance of bolstering social responsibility in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of cities. This includes addressing various forms of urban distortions, fostering a community culture rooted in best practices for waste disposal, minimizing disruptions to the general cityscape, and safeguarding the environment.
This message was delivered during an awareness event held by Madinat Zayed Municipality Center in Rabdan Park, titled "Our City is Beautiful." This initiative, in collaboration with strategic partners such as Shakhbout City Schools, Rabdan City, Al Ahlia Hospital, Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer), and Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority, aimed to heighten awareness about environmental concerns, city aesthetics, proper waste disposal methods, preventative measures to ensure community safety, and the achievement of safe city standards.
The event also emphasized the proper methods and practices for using public amenities, including parks, beaches, streets, playgrounds, neighborhood parks, and other recreational facilities. It underscored the community's role in preserving these facilities, highlighting that collective responsibility ensures the sustainability and increased efficiency of these amenities, ultimately benefiting and bringing joy to its members.
During the event, the Abu Dhabi Police delivered an informative lecture on the "Hassantuk" program, elucidating its beneficial role in ensuring the community's peace and safety. Additionally, the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company addressed the appropriate methods of waste disposal, emphasizing the community's role and responsibilities in safeguarding the city's environment and augmenting the aesthetics of its facilities.
The Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority, in its segment, delved into preventive techniques against fires and various accidents. Their goal was to bolster the general understanding of confronting challenges and mishaps, emphasizing the significance of adopting preventive measures to safeguard the health and overall safety of the populace.
Al-Ahlia Hospital further contributed by offering free medical advice and check-ups for all participants. They also provided medical consultations and extended logistical support for the event.
Similarly, Madinat Zayed Municipality Center conveyed its heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the strategic partners who actively engaged with the event, delivering crucial awareness and educational insights that will elevate community consciousness regarding environmental, health, and preventive matters.

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