Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through City Municipality Center and in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Waste Management (Tadweer), has carried out an inclusive campaign that aimed to remove distortions, scatterings, and waste from some Islands, with the first phase mainly including (Al Alia and Al Lulu and al zabara) Islands.
This campaign was originally carried out by the Municipality to preserve the land and sea that belong to islands, facing distortions that affect the aesthetic charm, and fulfilling environmental sustainability criteria and requirements.
The waste and distortion cleanup campaign is part of the ongoing campaigns throughout the year that protect the general aesthetic charm of islands and their beaches and reinforce their healthy and clean environment.
The Control and Inspection Management in the City Municipality Center had preceded the campaign with field tours to scan and document all distortions of the aesthetic charm in preparation to plan for their removal and carrying using safe methods by collaborating with Abu Dhabi Waste Management (Tadweer), whereas later on, the campaign’s total outcome of waste was carried away to a waste dump to deal with it in a healthy manner and in a way that goes hand in hand with health and environmental requirements.
As a part of this campaign, Abu Dhabi City Municipality also calls for all groups in the community to understand the importance of reinforcing societal responsibility towards environmental conservation, especially the aesthetic charm of Abu Dhabi’s islands and their special environments, and following the appropriate methods and practices that go hand in hand with the sustainable and sound fundamentals of the environment through holding back from dumping waste, leaving out neglected vehicles and other structures, and other scatterings that affect the general aesthetic charm of the coasts and natural environment of these islands.

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