Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality has issued an appeal to all workers in beauty centers, male and female hair salons, and children's hair salons to strictly comply with health requirements and standards that ensure the well-being of their customers. This is integral to providing services within robust health standards.
This announcement comes during an awareness and inspection campaign led by the City Municipality Center, covering all areas within its jurisdiction in Abu Dhabi. The objective is to guarantee that beauty centers and hair salons meet basic health and safety requirements for the community.

The campaign aims to review beauty centers and salons, evaluating their compliance with health standards, and ensuring that unapproved materials, which can potentially harm the health of customers, are not in use. The campaign takes a keen interest in checking cosmetics without identification cards or those that have expired, to safeguard the community.

The campaign also involves examining the tools and materials used, scrutinizing the staff working in these centers, and ensuring adherence to health guidelines. It also promotes wearing the prescribed uniform and emphasizes the importance of maintaining high levels of cleanliness in salons, beauty centers, and clubs, especially during peak customer traffic periods.

The campaign also resulted in the confiscation of expired and unknown cosmetics that do not comply with the standards in force in Abu Dhabi.

The municipality has reminded owners of salons and beauty centers of their responsibility to ensure continuous hygiene, regular cleaning of their premises, and all equipment used. The specific health conditions that they must comply with include:

• Maintaining general hygiene and adhering to health guidelines.
• Wearing protective coverings while servicing customers.
Washing, cleaning, and sanitizing employees' hands before and after serving customers. 
• Sterilizing beauty service unit components (chairs) used for various services post each use by spraying with approved sterilizers. The sterilizer must be left for at least two minutes or as per the sterilizer's recommended usage.
• Ensuring the availability and functionality of sterilizing equipment for tools.
• Providing a garbage bin with a lid and plastic bags that are cleared out and cleaned daily.

• Cleaning razors and replacing old shavers.
• Storing towels in designated areas and using disposable towels.
• Maintaining the personal hygiene of employees.
• Using UV type interior lighting and keeping the sterile beam on in the toolbox.
• Performing general maintenance of the facility.
• Verifying the suitability of the materials used.
The Municipality reiterated that it will continue its awareness and inspection campaigns on hair salons, beauty centers, health clubs, and children's hair salons to raise awareness among staff about maintaining their safety and the safety of community members by adhering to guidelines and laws.
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