Abu Dhabi

Amongst its field campaigns and educational workshops that aim to raise awareness within the community regarding the preservation of the city’s aesthetic charm, mitigating the distortions, and enhancing its beauty and features, and in partnership with Virginia Private School, Al Hanan Center Rehabilitation Center for people of determination, Tadweer, and Mashtal Elkhalij,and bamabad international paint. the Abu Dhabi City Municipality organized a filed campaign under the name “The Cleanliness of our City is the Symbol of our Progress” in the city of Shakhbout and Rabdan From the 15th to the 18th of May.
The campaign, which went on for 4 days straight, targeted all segments of society and school students in both Shakhbout and Rabdan, in hopes to preserve the city’s aesthetic charm, mitigating distortions, and raising awareness in regard to efficient utilization of public facilities, in addition to reinforcing the social contribution between the Municipality and its strategic partners and all segments of society. The campaign involved field cleansing of distortions and construction waste affecting the aesthetic charm of both Shakhbout and Rabdan, in addition to cleaning the roads in numerous areas, disposing of waste using safe practices, and reinforcing the importance of every individual’s role in diminishing distortions and preserving the clean and healthy environment in the city, all in hopes to maintain the health and safety of all.
And with the goal of reaching the entirety of society segments and targeted groups, the campaign included posting many types of awareness publications through the Municipality’s official accounts on social media and the “Freejna” app to raise awareness on preserving the city’s aesthetic charm and mitigating distortions, in addition to the efficient utilization of public facilities created to promote the quality of life for individuals and provide them with service and entertainment and bring them joy.

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