Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality proudly announces the registration of 3,711 entities, encompassing both government and private sectors, with the Mersal service on the national UAE Hub platform. This noteworthy registration milestone, achieved since the Mersal service's inception in March 2020, embodies our concerted efforts to bolster coordination and digital communication. By automating and electronically exchanging official correspondences among registered entities, we not only save invaluable time and effort but also streamline the process, enabling prompt retrieval of documents whenever required.
Furthermore, these services, integral to the national platform, resonate with the government's visionary objectives. Emphasizing swift correspondence handling, assured responses, and secured data storage for easy referencing, we also underscore the tangible benefits of reduced governmental expenditure on correspondence-related activities, including printing, delivery, and associated carbon emissions.
Reiterating our commitment to advancing digital transformation, Abu Dhabi City Municipality encourages all government and private entities to onboard the Mersal service. Simply register on the national platform, Mersal, through https://uaehub.ae/login  and be a part of this digital leap, facilitating seamless official correspondence exchange with all affiliated entities.

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