Abu Dhabi

To enhance the aesthetic beauty of the city and engage the community in the festivities of the new Hijri year 1445, Abu Dhabi City Municipality adorned Corniche Street and multiple bridges on Abu Dhabi Island with a multitude of luminous models and formations. This thoughtful decoration aims to symbolize the significance of the occasion, embracing the noble Islamic values and spiritual essence it embodies.
The luminous geometric formations and models have been intricately designed to reflect the essence of the occasion. Drawing inspiration from elements of nature, Islamic architecture, and Emirati heritage, these designs create a harmonious blend. Notably, the models prominently feature the new Hijri year number (1445), adorned with words and sentences that convey blessings to the community on the arrival of the new Hijri year. These captivating installations aim to bring joy and delight to the hearts of visitors to Corniche Street and the bridges on Abu Dhabi Island.
The overall aesthetic ambiance is enhanced by the carefully chosen lighting scheme featuring captivating and harmonious colors. The luminous models and geometric formations are adorned with yellow-gold lighting units, artfully combined with white lights. This selection of colors perfectly complements the overall aesthetic shape of the luminous pieces, creating an illusion of exquisitely painted artworks with elegant lines of light.
It is noteworthy that Abu Dhabi City Municipality has placed great emphasis on ensuring the security and safety of the installed ornamental pieces and models. These installations have been crafted using recyclable materials, incorporating energy-saving LED lighting, as well as electrical wiring and lamps made from high-quality materials that are resilient against various weather conditions and capable of withstanding changes in climate. This commitment to safety reflects the municipality's dedication to creating an environment that prioritizes the well-being and security of its residents and visitors.
To ensure the utmost safety, careful consideration was given to the sizes of the models and illuminated panels. They were meticulously designed to be proportionate to the dimensions and areas of the streets, taking into account the safety of all road users, including vehicles and pedestrians. This precautionary measure aims to guarantee the well-being and security of the public while preserving the overall aesthetic appeal of the city.
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