Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, in collaboration with the City Municipality Center, has initiated an enlightening campaign to boost public understanding regarding the utilization of temporary outdoor seating and adjacent pavements near commercial entities such as shops, eateries, cafes, and other service venues. Central to this initiative is the dissemination of information on the set criteria, guidelines, and operational protocols associated with these external seating areas.
Under this initiative, the municipality strongly encourages owners and managers of shops, cafes, and restaurants to strictly adhere to the established regulations, standards, and guidelines pertaining to these outdoor seating areas. Emphasis is placed on ensuring cleanliness, preserving the city's aesthetic integrity, and staying within the designated zones for these setups.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality has appealed to relevant stakeholders and establishments in this category to secure the necessary permissions from the appropriate institutions and regulatory bodies. This will enable them to legally and systematically utilize spaces next to their premises, ensuring alignment with the city's aesthetic values and meeting the stipulated public safety criteria.
In terms of provisions for outdoor seating associated with restaurants, cafeterias, and similar establishments, the municipality highlighted a set of specific regulatory stipulations. Beyond the general guidelines outlined in the manual for managing outdoor seating and sidewalk usage, the following additional measures have been emphasized:
1. Proprietors can forward their permit requests via the (TAMM) platform, supported by consent from the building owner and a lease agreement that remains valid for a minimum of six months.
2- The City Municipality Center will assess the proposed outdoor seating dimensions and deduce the relevant fees.
3. The seating permit fee is derived from the needed space plus a refundable deposit of AED 10,000.
4. Granted permits are active for one year, with an option for renewal.
5- The municipality reserves the right to rescind the permit if the terms are breached or if urban development necessitates it, without liability for potential losses to the permit owner.
6. A comprehensive layout, outlining the arrangement of tables, chairs, and shading devices, should be submitted, adhering to established guidelines.
7.Termination of the outdoor seating permit is possible via the (TAMM) platform. The security deposit is retrievable, and the permit is renewable upon the extension of the lease agreement.
For clarity, unauthorized establishment of an outdoor seating area incurs a fine of AED 5,000. Violation of permit conditions results in a penalty of AED 3,000.

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