Abu Dhabi

Represented by the Sub-Municipalities Operations Sector, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has conducted a comprehensive awareness campaign. This campaign, encompassing all areas related to the sub-municipalities, targets the community, real estate owners, companies, and shops. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of combating unlicensed selling of various products. Additionally, the campaign highlights the negative aspects of dealing with unauthorized street vendors. It emphasizes the need to adhere to laws and regulations designed to regulate different business activities, including the sale of all types of goods.
The Municipality emphasized the community's role in reducing negative trends that impact public health and safety. It pointed out that unlicensed selling by entities and individuals poses potential risks to the community and consumers, as the goods sold are not subject to health or regulatory standards ensuring their safety and quality. Therefore, Abu Dhabi City Municipality urges all community members and civil society institutions to avoid transactions with street vendors and to purchase goods only from malls and shops that are duly approved and authorized by the official certified authorities.
In this context, the campaign focused its activities on organizing field awareness campaigns through specialized work teams to enhance community responsibility towards this phenomenon. On the other hand, the municipality utilized its official websites and social media accounts to broadcast awareness messages and informational bulletins regarding this matter. They also sent text messages to residents, companies, and shops, inviting them to comply with the requirements of practicing the profession of trading goods of various types and to limit the phenomenon of street vendors to protect the health of the community.
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