Abu Dhabi

Aiming to reinforce municipal presence and involve community individuals and classes and to enable their roles in growing the Emirate and preserving it, Abu Dhabi Municipality, through Zayed City Municipality Center, has Organized today is Tuesday the Rabdan City Assembly (Nshawerkom Initiative) in Rabdan council, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Police, Abu Dhabi Waste Management company,  and Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Abu Dhabi Housing Authority,and the Islamic Affairs and Awqaf Authority   ،Department of Health, Al Baraka International Investment, Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination.
The assembly, which attracted a large group of citizens from Rabdan city, aimed to reinforce communication with the regional population, showcase present and future projects which were already carried out or will be to please them and improve their life’s quality standards, and get to know their opinions, comments and suggestions that relate to the area and the facilities and services therein.
Abu Dhabi Municipality also proposed multiple projects during the assembly which aim to develop and reinforce the infrastructure in Rabdan city in a manner that is compatible and consistent with the growth that the city is witnessing on the demographic and economic level, as through these projects, the municipality aims to build compatibility between the infrastructure’s ability to meet the requirements of the consistent growth in the area, and between achieving public satisfaction of the community in relation to the municipal services and its public facilities.
The Municipality has also showcased multiple future projects that will take place in the City, like building public spaces, parking lots, shops, improving internal road networks, completing pending road paving works, carrying out the required modifications on traffic lanes, improving roads that lead to places, creating new roundabouts and improving existing ones, in addition to converting roundabouts into intersections with traffic lights, creating Bicycle lanes, creating and improving car parking lots, and improvement works on light, traffic lights and so on.
Moreover, the municipality had discussed beautifying works which will be carried out on main roads and roundabouts in Rabdan City, in addition to installing irrigation network, and planting trees in hopes to increase the aesthetic charm of the area, as well as natural beautification of the roundabouts that reflect the identity of the area, and rehabilitation of main roads, restudying and putting out traffic signs.
In addition to that, the assembly consisted the discussion of creating a garden in Rabdan City, which will meet the requirements of all ages with what it offers of green spaces and main facilities, like play areas and umbrellas, sitting areas, pathways, fields for kids, entertainment   areas, and different gym areas, and that is to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as to increase social communication to encourage the participation in different social and educational activities for all social classes.
The assembly included taking inquiries and questions from the participating individuals from the area about pending and future projects and answering them by the representatives of the Abu Dhabi Municipality and its strategic partners taking part in the assembly, aiming to advance and develop the area to be hand in hand with the civil and architectural awakening that Abu Dhabi is witnessing.

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