Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, has achieved a new global milestone by winning the Ostar International Award for Outstanding Business Practices in the Best Projects category 2023. Phases one and two of the Noor Abu Dhabi project have been awarded Elite Level status. The project for using recycled rubber in asphalt road mixes has also been awarded Diamond Level status.
Within this framework, His Excellency Saif Badr Al Qubaisi, Director General of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, honored the members of the work team in appreciation of their efforts and professionalism, and their keenness to present the two pioneering projects in the best possible way, which qualified the municipality to win this international award, and to be added to its record of achievements and local, regional and international awards. The Ostar Award is one of the most famous international awards in the field of innovative projects, leading institutions, emerging initiatives and projects, technical and technological innovation, and other fields. It is an annual global award that includes the best global experts in the field of knowledge management and innovation, and many institutions compete for its awards. And leading companies from around the world.
The Ostar Award is among the most prestigious global awards, recognizing innovative projects, leading institutions, initiatives, start-ups, technical and technological creativity, and other fields. The annual global award attracts the best international knowledge management and innovation experts. Leading institutions and companies from around the world compete for this prestigious award.
Noor Abu Dhabi 
The Abu Dhabi Municipality has confirmed that the Abu Dhabi Noor project aims to replace traditional lighting with energy-saving lighting in roads and public spaces. This initiative aligns with sustainability and energy conservation goals and seeks to protect the environment from carbon emissions. The project is a pioneering initiative that reflects the partnership between the public and private sectors to rehabilitate lighting. The project's first phase began in 2020. It covers Abu Dhabi Island and includes the replacement of 42,632 lighting units.
The second phase of the Noor Abu Dhabi project will extend to cover Abu Dhabi mainland.. The project aims to upgrade 133,473 lighting units across the mainland and other locations such as Reem Island, Saadiyat Island, and Yas Island. This initiative represents a significant advancement in energy efficiency and sustainability for road lighting infrastructure in Abu Dhabi. The goal is to reduce energy consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions, enhance safety and security, and uphold the city's commitment to sustainability standards, aligning with its vision to become a global model for urban innovation.
Recycled Rubber
The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has clarified that the Infrastructure and Municipal Assets Sector has successfully implemented the recycled rubber asphalt project as part of its infrastructure sustainability initiatives. The project involves using recycled rubber from tire waste in the asphalt pavement layer, which improves the road's resistance and reduces cracking due to the increased flexibility of the asphalt layers.
The use of recycled rubber has led to several positive outcomes. These include an increase in the operational lifespan of roads and enhanced skid resistance for vehicle tires. Additionally, rainwater drainage from roads has improved, leading to a reduction in traffic accidents. Furthermore, there has been a decrease in the noise generated by vehicle traffic and a reduction in operational maintenance costs for roads. The enhanced performance of asphalt layers has contributed to a longer operational lifespan for roads, and the reuse of tire waste has added environmental value by conserving natural and financial resources. Finally, the operational cost of storing this waste has been reduced.
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