Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, represented by the Support Services Department - Human Resources Department, celebrated the International Day of Happiness through activities aimed at bringing joy to employees. This was part of an effort to reinforce the concept of happiness in the country known for its happiness.
This event reflects the Municipality's commitment to creating an ideal work environment filled with the values of happiness and stability. It aims to boost the energy of employees, motivate them to innovate, and encourage them to strive for the highest levels of community satisfaction and service development.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality emphasized that, thanks to the wisdom of its leadership, the United Arab Emirates has made happiness a value, a goal, and a priority. It seeks to achieve this at all levels, aiming to spread happiness among citizens, residents, visitors, and tourists.
The municipality explained that the happiness of employees and customers alike constitutes an utmost necessity that embodies the values of our wise leadership, reflects the values and authenticity of the people of the Emirates, and expresses the goals of the National Program for Happiness and Quality of Life of the Ministry of Community Development.
The International Day of Happiness event at Abu Dhabi City Municipality was filled with recreational activities, competitions, prizes, and the distribution of gifts to employees. Additionally, the main building and Sub-Municipality Centers were decorated to celebrate the International Day of Happiness and to bring joy to both employees and customers.

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