Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the Infrastructure and Municipal Assets Sector, and in coordination with the private sector, completed its pilot project, which aimed to install cosmetic lighting powered by solar energy in Al Kasser Walkway on the Abu Dhabi Corniche.
This step aligns with the Municipality's commitment to uphold sustainability standards, rationalize energy consumption, and utilize natural alternatives in lighting and public utility decoration.
This project demonstrates the Municipality's focus on embracing novel, innovative applications that strengthen sustainability within Abu Dhabi's infrastructure. It also seeks to enhance the City's overall aesthetic, further establishing Abu Dhabi as one of the world's most appealing capitals renowned for its high quality of life.
in installing these cosmetic lights that are entirely powered by solar energy, the municipality relied on designs inspired by artificial flowers and plants that form breathtaking aesthetic paintings and beautiful views, noting that the municipality said: Their performance will be monitored and evaluated to verify the extent of the success and effectiveness of this experiment and its environmental and economic impact. Positive social impact, and its contribution to energy conservation and achieving sustainability values, which will lead to the generalization of this experience and its application in many areas, squares, streets, public facilities, parks, recreational parks, and other landmarks that achieve the desired distinction for the city in terms of the wonderful aesthetic landscape.
The Municipality has stated that its future vision for the project is focused on diversifying the decorative, geometric shapes illuminated by solar energy. This strategy is designed to provide aesthetic diversity and creative harmony, thereby enhancing the City's splendor with visually pleasing scenes and vistas that delight observers, contribute to societal happiness, and elevate the quality of life for its inhabitants.

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