Abu Dhabi

As part of its efforts to enhance occupational health and safety standards and preventive measures in its slaughterhouses, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the Municipal Services Sector - Public Health Department, organized an educational and awareness-raising workshop. This workshop was for butchers working in the following facilities: Abu Dhabi Automated Slaughterhouse, Baniyas Slaughterhouse, Al Shahama Automated Slaughterhouse, and Al Wathba Automated Slaughterhouse. The workshop aimed to exchange knowledge and experiences, improve health and safety standards in the Municipality's slaughterhouses, and provide a safe and healthy working environment for workers and the community as a whole.

During the workshop, the butchers learned about the risks they may face in slaughterhouses and the preventive measures and precautions necessary to reduce these risks and maintain their safety. They received education on the importance of using appropriate personal protective equipment, such as gloves, goggles, and masks. Ensuring good ventilation in the workplace and handling sharp equipment and tools safely were also emphasized. Additionally, the workshop highlighted the importance of providing appropriate safety training for slaughterhouse workers.

The workshop included a highly interactive discussion session, where participants shared their experiences and discussed the best ways to address related challenges. Additionally, several useful awareness recommendations were presented to butchers and slaughterhouse workers to promote safety and encourage safe work practices.

The workshop also included practical training activities for the participating butchers, where they had the opportunity to simulate the correct procedures and safe measures to be followed in the work environment. This aimed to enhance their awareness and skills in following safe and sound practical practices.

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