Abu Dhabi

The Urban Planning Sector—Classification and Professions Registration Department of Abu Dhabi City Municipality organized awareness workshops targeting engineers and engineering establishments in Abu Dhabi, including contracting companies and engineering consultancy offices. The workshops were held once monthly in April, May, and June 2024.
The workshops were created to raise awareness among engineers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi about the registration system and guidelines for engineers. They also aimed to provide information on how to apply for registration services on the "TAMM" platform. Additionally, the workshops sought to inform engineering firms about the classification system regulations and guidelines and explain the process of applying for classification services on "TAMM."
The municipal teams worked during the workshops to review samples of the documents required to be submitted by engineers and engineering facilities in registration and classification applications. They also reviewed the technical and technological updates related to registration and classification systems through "TAMM."
In the workshops, visual materials demonstrated the procedures and requirements for registering engineers and classifying engineering establishments. The sessions also explained how to apply for engineering registration and classification services through the "TAMM" platform. Additionally, there was an open discussion session where workshop participants could ask questions and get answers from municipal teams.
The Municipality of Abu Dhabi is inviting all engineers working in the construction sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to register in the Engineers Registration System through the "TAMM" platform. This registration will enable engineers to obtain cards that allow them to engage with relevant government entities, including the municipalities of the emirate. Construction companies and engineering consulting offices must attach electronic copies of the engineers' registration cards for all transactions related to the construction sector. The designing engineer should also display their card on the engineering plans according to their specialization.
The Abu Dhabi Municipality invites all engineering establishments operating in the construction sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to register in the classification system through "TAMM" platform and obtain a certificate of practicing engineering professions that allows them to deal with relevant government entities, including municipal services, in the emirate. 
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