Abu Dhabi

In a progressive effort to deepen cooperation with its strategic partners in the private sector, Abu Dhabi City Municipality represented convened a thought-provoking session under the banner of the "Social Responsibility Forum." This assembly, held at the Municipality's principal edifice, was dedicated to forging innovative proposals that prioritize the rejuvenation and holistic development of diverse locales. It further emphasized activating the private sector's quintessential role in delivering community services that substantially elevate the living standards of Abu Dhabi's residents, meticulously addressing their needs and aspirations within the framework of social responsibility.
The engaging session provided an in-depth exploration of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality's pivotal role and ongoing commitments in community service. It illuminated avenues for collaborative engagement in community-driven initiatives while unveiling prospective opportunities uniquely designed for the private sector to amplify their contributions to societal welfare or environmental stewardship.
Complementing these discussions, an interactive dialogue session unfolded with representatives from key community service authorities. This conversation underscored the imperative of enhancing community satisfaction concerning the Municipality's role, allowing private enterprises a distinguished platform to showcase their accomplishments in social responsibility. It also encompassed a comprehensive review of strategies for invigorating collaborations with private sector participants concerning community services. This initiative inherently fosters a competitive ethos among private sector counterparts, incentivizing heightened involvement in community initiatives and social responsibility pursuits.
Notably, the session was marked by enthusiastic participation from a spectrum of esteemed entities, embracing, among others, Al Jurf Development Projects Company, Royal Gardens Agricultural Contracting Company, Burjeel Holding, West Beach General Contracting Company, Emirates Support Company (NETCO), and the revered Emirates Heritage Club.

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