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Abu Dhabi City Municipality has secured the Gold Award from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) in the United Kingdom, recognizing its exemplary performance in occupational health and safety management. In addition, the municipality was awarded the 'Inspiring Women in Safety Award', celebrating distinguished female contributors and their individual accomplishments in the domain. These awards underscore Abu Dhabi City Municipality's leadership position in the field of occupational health and safety.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality emphasized that securing the ROSPA Gold Award for performance underscores the leading position it holds, particularly within the City Planning Sector's Environment, Health, and Safety Department, in the domain of occupational health and safety. This distinction mirrors the paramount significance of safety among the municipality's institutional values. Abu Dhabi City Municipality is steadfast in its commitment to fostering a culture of occupational health and safety. Having successfully instilled this culture, it consistently aims toensure a work environment free from harm and diligently implements measures to prevent accidents and injuries.
She further elaborated that the award's criteria revolved around multiple facets, including: the involvement of senior management in the implementation of the occupational health and safety system within Abu Dhabi City Municipality, the expertise of specialists in occupational health and safety within the municipality, training and awareness initiatives for employees in the field, and the integration of occupational health and safety procedures within contract and procurement management. This also encompasses protocols and requirements assessing risks to health and safety in the workplace.
Dr. Huda Khalifa Alsalmi, Director of the Environment, Health, and Safety Department in the City Planning Sector of Abu Dhabi Municipality, also won the 'Inspiring Women in Safety' individual category award. She is the first Emirati woman to be appointed as the Director of Environment, Health, and Safety in the Abu Dhabi government.
Dr. Huda Alsalmi stood out in a fierce international competition to clinch the award. She was recognized for her steadfast dedication to occupational health and safety. Throughout her career, she has successfully spearheaded numerous safety innovations and projects within the municipality. Notably, she launched a distance learning platform dedicated to health, safety, and environment, benefiting over 2,000 employees of Abu Dhabi City Municipality with specialized training.
The ROSPA jury remarked that Dr. Alsalmi's nomination went beyond showcasing her commitment to health and safety management. It also illuminated her fervent passion for cultivating the forthcoming generation of health and safety leaders. Her active involvement in rigorous educational and mentoring initiatives underscores this commitment. Further, her emphasis on integrating health and safety into educational frameworks is a salient feature of her guidance, with an estimated 15 students each year gaining hands-on experience at Abu Dhabi City Municipality facilities
The ROSPA Awards stand as one of the most distinguished and globally recognized honors in health and safety practices. They attract nearly 2,000 participants from over 50 different countries. Earning this award bolsters Abu Dhabi City Municipality's endeavors, reflecting its commitment to infusing health and safety principles across its organizational units and diverse work locations throughout the municipality and its satellite centers. The award specifically shines a light on the municipality's exemplary efforts and its vanguard role in advancing health and safety practices.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality was eager to participate in the award, given that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) in the United Kingdom stands as one of the world's foremost and oldest institutions in the domain of health and safety. This participation aligns with the municipality's dedication to reinforcing health and safety concepts. The award is designed to spotlight the exceptional efforts of global institutions in upholding health and safety within both communities and organizational systems.
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is a renowned global organization. Every year, thousands of companies, and organizations from across the globe vie for these distinguished awards.

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