Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality announced that 9 accessible parks for People of Determination (POD) in Abu Dhabi Islands and the mainland have won the World Disability Union prize for the year 2023. 
Certifications of accreditation for the parks announced as “friendly” facilities for People with Disabilities were given for implementing world environmental standards for People of Determination (POD) and providing them with safe and sustainable entertainment facilities.
Among the parks receiving the prize, categorized into gold, silver, and bronze levels, were Dolphin Park, Al Boom Park, Al Siji Park, Dalma Park, Al Bahya Park, Al Khatm Park, Al Jouri Park, Khalifa Square, and Rabdan Park. The prize-winning facilities were appreciated for their vital role in creating an entertaining and supportive environment for People of Determination (POD) and actively involving them with other segments of society.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality has reaffirmed that this achievement serves as an incentive for the Municipality to increase its efforts in providing more accessible and nurturing facilities for People of Determination (POD). It emphasizes that creating a welcoming atmosphere for this valued community segment is a civic-minded approach that the Municipality consistently adopts in all planning and projects. This underscores its commitment to making gardens safe and friendly for  People of Determination through carefully designed programs that leverage all resources to ease their mobility.
The Municipality has highlighted that all parks and related facilities are being equipped with the necessary amenities to ease the lives of People of Determination (POD) and to ensure their full integration with others. The Municipality has committed to continuing its efforts to maintain safety and welfare standards for  People of Determination  in the development and building of parks. This includes implementing a series of measures and taking every necessary step to meet the needs of  People of Determination visiting the parks. Such measures encompass providing parking lots, improving park grounds for easier mobility, enhancing barbecue areas, sports and play areas, and ensuring accessible restrooms. The Municipality thus reaffirms its dedication to redoubling its efforts to achieve the best for everyone and to keep Abu Dhabi at the forefront of cities that offer the best services for People of Determination, reflecting the inclusivity of the wider society.

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