Abu Dhabi

In acknowledgment and to elevate their standing in society, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, via Madinat Zayed Municipality Center, has launched a community initiative named "You are the Good and the Blessing". This initiative involves visiting elder citizens in Rabdan City at their homes in collaboration with Burjeel Hospital - Abu dhabi, First Abu Dhabi Bank, and Al Wahda Sports Club.
The initiative was designed to uplift elder citizens and motivate them to participate in volunteer activities. Its goals also included preserving the national identity, upholding religious and societal values, customs, and traditions, celebrating Emirati heritage, and fostering values of solidarity, cohesion, and compassion across all sectors and demographics of society.
Throughout the series of visits under the initiative, conversations were exchanged with the elder citizens. By delving into their life and work experiences, the aim was to gather and share these insights with the broader community, enriching both the young and future generations.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through Madinat Zayed Municipality Center, along with strategic partners involved in the initiative, ware dedicated to honoring the elder citizens they visited. They presented gifts to these cherished individuals, aiming to bring joy and smiles to their faces. This gesture underscored the deep respect and special place these elders hold in the hearts of the community.

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