Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality, represented by the City Municipality Center and Al Shahama Municipality Center, conducted an awareness campaign regarding authorized fishing locations in Abu Dhabi and its outskirts.
The five-day campaign, covering the geographic areas associated with both Centers, falls under the "Darna" initiative. This initiative aims to preserve the general appearance and familiarize the community with laws and requirements related to fishing locations and the protection of the marine environment.
The campaign aimed to raise awareness among fishermen about unauthorized fishing locations, while also informing them about the authorized fishing areas within Al Bahia Beach, Al Shalila Beach, Al Sader Beach, Ghantoot, and Yas Beach. It was noted that all beaches without fishing prohibition signs are considered available and authorized for fishing.
The Municipality emphasized that fishing prohibition in some areas is in line with the goals of natural resource sustainability and the preservation of the general appearance, in accordance with directives issued by relevant authorities including the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD).
The awareness campaign included the dissemination of informative publications on the Municipality's social media platforms and "Freejna" app, as well as sending text messages and organizing field visits to fishing sites.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality called on all fishermen on our beaches to adhere to the standards of general cleanliness in the area, contribute to preserving the general appearance, and refrain from leaving behind any waste that might contaminate the marine environment or beaches. This call underscores the critical role of community responsibility in safeguarding and maintaining natural amenities.

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