Abu Dhabi

With the goal of bolstering the municipal presence and improving communication methods with all societal members to aid in the development of the emirate and safeguard its achievements, the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City orchestrated a visit to Al Alia Island under the "Bridges of Communication" initiative. In coordination with strategic partners, aiming to review the residents' feedback and suggestions for preserving and enhancing the island.
Throughout the initiative, interactions were held with the residents of Al Alia Island to gather their opinions and suggestions, and to discuss all aspects of the island's development and preservation of its facilities. The focus was on maintaining and improving the island's aesthetic and urban appeal, aligning it with the advancement and growth seen in Abu Dhabi. The residents' needs concerning the island's infrastructure, services, and recreational facilities were identified and developed in a manner that benefits the island's inhabitants and visitors. This contributes to elevating the quality-of-life standards and making living on the island more convenient.
In the pursuit of maintaining the island's aesthetic appeal, the municipal team distributed several saplings of fruit trees to the residents, promoting planting and the expansion of green spaces. Additionally, new flags were provided to the residents of the island.
Abu Dhabi City Municipality affirms its commitment to making every effort to develop all of its regions in harmony with the cultural and urban renaissance experienced by Abu Dhabi, and to contribute to the happiness of community members. It does so by cooperating with its strategic partners to roll out numerous initiatives, repeat visits, and campaigns aimed at preserving the overall look of all the islands within its geographic remit, continuously throughout the year, to meet the aspirations and needs of the community members.

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