Abu Dhabi

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council through the Sub-Municipal Operations Sector - Al Wathba Municipality Center, organized a running race in the city of Riyadh - Abu Dhabi.
This event comes within the framework of the municipality’s keenness to support sports activities and motivate community members to practice various types of sports, in order to enable their physical fitness, enhance their general health, and make sports a way of life and an approach followed in the daily practices of community members, because sports have positive benefits on health. the public.
The race - which was organized on Al-Buruq Street in Riyadh - attracted large numbers of community members of all ages, and the race formed a beautiful family gathering full of competition, challenge and determination to reach the finish line.
The Abu Dhabi City Municipality was keen to adapt the race to the different physical abilities of the contestants and their ages as well, as the race was divided into three levels. The first level has a length of 5 kilometers, the second level is 3 kilometers, and the third level is one kilometer long. This diversification met the requirements and capabilities of all competitors, each according to his ability and endurance.
At the conclusion of the race, the participants and winners were honored, as the participants expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality and its keenness to organize events that would improve their quality of life and happiness.

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