Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality has extended an invitation to all contracting firms and engineering consultancies active within the construction and building industry in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. They are encouraged to enlist in the classification system via the "TAMM" platform, securing an engineering practice certification that facilitates their interaction with relevant governmental entities, including emirate municipality services.
This appeal was made during three workshops convened by the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, under the auspices of the City Planning Sector. These sessions focused on the classification system for contracting companies, engineering consultancy offices, and profession registration. The Q2 2023 workshops aimed to heighten levels of collaboration and coordination with the relevant entities, ensuring continuous improvement in services and keeping stakeholders abreast of the latest developments, regulations, and procedures in this area.
The workshops provided education on the classification system and its regulations to engineering establishments, elucidated the application process for classification services on the "TAMM" platform, demonstrated examples of required documentation during the classification application, and also outlined the technical advancements relevant to classification systems.
For further details on the application process for classification services on the TAMM platform, the Municipality encourages interested parties to consult the service directory for engineering establishment classification services on the official website of the Department of Municipalities and Transport. Updated user guides for classification department services and profession registration on the electronic TAMM platform are available.

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