Abu Dhabi

Striving to strengthen sustainability standards, maintain the community's overall aesthetic allure, and ensure safety, the Abu Dhabi Municipality, via the Zayed City Municipality Center, has conducted an extensive field campaign throughout its geographic jurisdiction. This campaign seeks to educate owners and residents on the importance of refraining from construction without proper permits.
Additionally, during the five-day continuous campaign, municipality inspectors informed residents and owners in targeted areas about the importance of obtaining necessary building permits before initiating any construction activities. They emphasized the need to adhere strictly to building within zones designated and approved for construction, in line with the official plans for each area. This is pivotal for safeguarding public resources, retaining architectural harmony, preserving the aesthetic appeal of residential neighborhoods, and ensuring a clean environment and the overall safety of the community.
The campaign also involved sending concise text messages to residents in the targeted areas and disseminating numerous awareness posts via the Abu Dhabi City Municipality's official social media accounts and the Freejna App. This was undertaken to increase awareness about the necessity of abstaining from building fixed structures without permits, thereby avoiding any violations of official regulations.

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