Abu Dhabi

In observance of Earth Hour, Abu Dhabi City Municipality joined the global initiative by turning off the lights at the main Municipality building, as well as several other buildings and facilities, for one minute to mark the occasion.
Through the Environment Health and Safety Department, the Municipality has actively educated its employees about climate change and implemented proper measures to promote sustainable energy use in the workplace. This includes turning off unnecessary lights to reduce electricity consumption, raising awareness about environmental preservation, and striving to meet resource and energy sustainability standards.
As part of Earth Hour, the Municipality of Musaffah organized several activities in collaboration with Life Care Hospital to raise awareness among community members within the center's geographical scope about the importance of conserving the planet.
Lights and non-essential electronic devices were turned off for one hour from 8:30 to 9:30 PM in front of the Musaffah Municipality Center and the Lulu Workers' City. This was done to educate the community about the importance of energy conservation and its positive impact on resource sustainability and climate change.
This events aligns with Abu Dhabi City Municipality's dedication to sustainability principles, energy conservation, efficient use of energy, and enhancing community awareness about the critical need to preserve natural resources and minimize pollution, all aimed at fostering a sustainable environment.
This events underscores the Municipality's commitment to Earth Hour and its environmental objectives, facilitating community engagement and collaboration with relevant authorities and institutions to heighten awareness about conserving resources and fostering social responsibility towards sustainability.

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