Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality urges the community to preserve the integrity of public spaces, including gardens, parks, and beaches. Constructed to world-class standards, these facilities not only elevate the quality of life and well-being of residents but also complement Abu Dhabi's modern infrastructure and its ongoing urban transformation.
In the midst of their campaigns and field visits, Abu Dhabi City Municipality focused on public facilities within its jurisdiction, encompassing its various sub-centers: City Municipality Center, Al Shahama Municipality Center, Madinat Zayed Municipality Center, Musaffah Municipality Center, Al Wathba Municipality Center, and Municipal Presence Center - Baniyas. Each of these centers emphasized the importance of sustaining and making the best use of public spaces, aligning with sustainability benchmarks.
Over a span of five days, the municipal teams engaged in awareness drives at gardens, parks, and public beaches. They educated visitors on the upkeep of amenities like play areas, trees, plants, seating zones, green spaces, and barbecue sites. Emphasis was also placed on the correct disposal of waste, ensuring these facilities remain clean and retain their inviting ambiance.
In tandem with these efforts, the campaigns disseminated awareness materials via the municipality's official social media channels and the "Freejna" app. Text messages were sent out to the community emphasizing the importance of preserving the aesthetic and functional aspects of public facilities. These measures aim to ensure these venues continue as contemporary leisure hubs, facilitating cherished moments for families in a safe and wholesome environment.
Concurrently, the Environment, Health, and Safety Department launched a campaign at Family Park on Abu Dhabi Corniche, focusing on visitor education. This initiative aims to promote safety and uphold a pristine environment within the park by preserving facilities, equipment, and public spaces, including agricultural areas, playgrounds, and health and service infrastructures. The campaign encourages park-goers to responsibly dispose of waste in specified areas and urges parents to comply with posted regulations, ensuring they select age-appropriate play equipment for their children. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of children wearing personal protective gear while cycling and calls for all visitors to heed warning signs throughout the park, guaranteeing everyone's safety.

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