Abu Dhabi

In celebration of yet a new achievement added to the long excellent series of successes in amusement facilities, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has organized a celebration at beach park (A’l Bahr) in Corniche Abu Dhabi, which was attended by his excellency/ Saif Badr Al Qubeisi, the general manager of the municipality, and a number of the municipality’s executive directors and affiliates, that is in celebration of 26 parks in Abu Dhabi Island and mainland having won the International Green Flag Award, 6 of which for the first time, and 20 of which having re-entered the list of winning parks once again.
This recent achievement proves the municipality’s utmost care in following the best international practices in regard to attaining the standards needed for “the International Green Flag Award” in gardens and public parks, all thanks to the municipality having employed the best methods to guide and supervise the process of developing and advancing the management of service facilities, where the municipality was the leading body in the middle east when it comes to applying such practices, earning itself yet a new achievement.
During the celebration, the municipality assured that this achievement was the result of the efforts spent by the staff as a part of the progression journey for amusement facilities, gardens, and parks, all of which having enabled the municipality to obtain the most elite flag “the International Green Flag Award” which is currently flapping against the wind over 26 gardens in Abu Dhabi and its’ suburbs. The municipality also indicated that it will carry on its mission to apply the necessary international standards stated in the award’s terms and requirements, all while keeping up with the cultural advancement Abu Dhabi is witnessing, as well as assisting in the reinforcing the quality of life and providing joy and entertainment for the people.
The Municipality also expressed its’ gratitude towards all staff members in charge of the winning parks in the sectors of infrastructure and municipal assets, and secondary municipal procedures, for their cooperation and teamwork which led to this international achievement, whether municipality employees or strategic partners within this integrated system which had a hand in this achievement, and towards their serious efforts. 
The celebration consisted of honoring the Jury and the evaluation panel which contained international jurors affiliated with the infrastructure and municipal assets sector, as a reward for their efforts in the nomination journe. It also consisted of honoring the municipality affiliates and strategic partners. Not only that, but the celebration included a video regarding the application of the International Green Flag Award standards in Abu Dhabi parks and honoring the winning ones.
During the celebration, the municipality declared the 6 parks which had won the award for the first time, namely: Capital Garden, Al Nahyan Park, (A’l Bahr) park in Corniche Abu Dhabi, Al Bareed Al Qadim Park, Al Adla Park, and Khalifa Square.
Whereas 20 parks have maintained the green flag one more and have re-entered the list of winning parks, namely: Al Bateen Beach, Corniche Beach parks in Abu Dhabi, Delma Park, Khalifa Park 1, Khalifa Park 2, Khalifa Park 3, Al Rahba Park, Al Bahya Park, Al Shahama Park, Rabdan Park, The Lake Park, Heritage Park, Al Katem Park, Al Shamikha Park 4, Al Shamikha Park 5, Al Shamikha Park 6, Al Shamikha Park 7, Al Jizera Park, Mohammed bin Zayed Park 1, and Mohammed bin Zayed Public City Park.
It is noteworthy that the International Green Flag Award is the international is the highest standard criteria for the management of open and amusement spaces in the United Kingdom and entire world, and in order to obtain it, a number of its’ requirements shall be met in a park, such as making the park a welcoming, safe, and healthy place, as well as taking care of space and facility hygiene, and sustainability standards, and maintaining the environment, culture, community participation, marketing, and good management.

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