Abu Dhabi

Represented by the Sub-Municipal Operations Sector, Abu Dhabi City Municipality organized the "Sport Without Borders" event in both Shahama and Mussafah,and Rabdan aiming to enhance the physical and mental health of community members. 
This event is part of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality's commitment to embedding healthy practices that contribute to improving community health, making sports a lifestyle, at the same time strengthening community relations, and enhancing the quality of life.
Within this framework, the Shahama Municipality Center organized a “Sports Without Borders” event under the title “Bahia Running Race” in the city of Al Bahia, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Abu Dhabi Councils, Al Hawashim Council, and the “Tajmeel” Medical Center.
With the aim of achieving support for family participation and social interaction, enhancing the role of local participation, and attracting community members to participate in sporting events and activities to raise the quality of life, enhance social interaction and family ties, and make sport a sustainable pattern.
The race started from Al Hawashim Council, and the race routes extended to include three options that varied in length to suit different levels of fitness, thus enabling all members of the community to participate and enjoy the event regardless of their level of fitness.
The first track: 1 km, the second track: 3 km, the third track: 5 km, where the number of participants reached about 1,200 participants of all ages.The Mussafah Municipality Center, in partnership with ICAD Workers City, LLH Hospital, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi, and Al Rahba Hospital, organized a sports event at the playgrounds of Mussafah Municipality. This event was designed to improve the physical well-being of workers and enhance their joy, while also raising awareness about health and sports, and motivating the utilization of community facilities offered by the Municipality to augment their happiness and leisure. Simultaneously, it engaged them in sports events and a variety of activities, promoting sports as a lifestyle for all community members, with a particular focus on workers.
The event included many activities, awareness workshops, and organized volleyball and football matches.
Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center - Rabdan, in partnership with the UAE Pro League Committee, orchestrated the "Sports Week" event in Rabdan Park. This endeavor aimed to boost communication among diverse community segments and age groups, enhance their sports cultural awareness, spread health education, and motivate engagement in sports activities. It highlighted the pivotal role of sports in sustaining health and fostering a more active, vibrant community.
The event experienced remarkable participation from numerous community members and Rabdan Park visitors, immersing themselves in a spectrum of electronic sports from combat and strategy to the thrilling world of electronic football, all rich with excitement, fun, and suspense. Delving into electronic sports not only sharpens mental faculties such as concentration and quick perception but also yields physical advantages, including improved flexibility and agility in hand movements.

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