Abu Dhabi

In order to preserve the health and safety of workers, provide active environments, and protect the health and safety of individuals in these locations, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has drawn the attention of workers in the construction sector to the importance of providing the best occupational health and safety levels and standards.
This occurred during the virtual instructional workshop conducted by the Department of Health, Safety and Environment, which is a part of their ongoing annual awareness campaign. The campaign aims to elevate responsibility and awareness regarding the importance of adopting the best practices and preventive measures, ensuring the highest levels of safety and security at construction sites.
The workshop included discussions on the occupational health and safety requirements in Abu Dhabi and the mechanism for monitoring the implementation of these requirements, in terms of submitting periodic reports, activity, and auditing reports. It also covered other matters related to the environment, health, and safety at construction sites. Additionally, this workshop was specifically dedicated to English speakers.
The workshop focused on reinforcing the culture among construction entities and contractors with approved health and safety management systems, covering numerous aspects such as:
- The general framework of the occupational health and safety system in Abu Dhabi and its organizational structure.
- The roles and responsibilities of these entities in implementing Abu Dhabi's occupational health and safety system according to risk classification.
- An introduction to the e-performance system for occupational health and safety in Abu Dhabi, including how to report incidents and submit the required forms through the e-system according to the occupational health and safety requirements in Abu Dhabi.
In conclusion, the organizers gave representatives of consultancy firms, offices, and contractors the opportunity to ask questions and present their requests. This interaction was part of an effort to promote collaboration and partnership with the aim of providing the best and safest work environments.
Finally, it is noteworthy that the Abu Dhabi City Municipality organizes numerous instructive workshops within the year regarding the occupational health and safety system in Abu Dhabi, given that it represents the supervisory authority that organizes the construction sector in Abu Dhabi and the suburbs.

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