Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality urges the public to comply with health and operational requirements for public swimming pools to ensure the safety and overall health of community members.
During an inspection and awareness campaign conducted by the Public Health Department of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, several swimming pools in Abu Dhabi were covered. The main aim of the campaign was to raise public awareness among pool operators and managers about implementing the best standards and necessary precautions to provide recreational facilities and swimming pools that comply with the health requirements in force in Abu Dhabi, in accordance with the guidelines for operating public swimming pools.
The municipality emphasized the importance of maintaining, cleaning, and promoting a healthy environment in public swimming pools to ensure the safety of users. The guidelines also importance the need to follow to licensing requirements for operating these pools. The campaign included raising awareness among owners of residential buildings, complexes, companies operating public swimming pools, and entities responsible for these recreational and service facilities.
The campaign focused on educating and raising awareness among supervisors and operators of public swimming pools about the application of all health and operational requirements. Municipality inspectors distributed guidelines for licensing and operating public swimming pools. They also took random water samples for testing to ensure they met health requirements and were free from any contaminants, thus protecting the health of community members. The campaign urged those responsible for these facilities to maintain the quality and cleanliness of swimming pool water.
The municipality has outlined essential requirements for swimming pools. These include maintaining general health standards by storing swimsuits and towels in designated lockers, prohibiting water pollution with waste or debris, and preventing jumping into water less than 1.2 meters deep. The pool operator must ensure regular maintenance, cleanliness, and water quality, provide trained lifeguards, obtain necessary operating licenses, maintain the circulation system, clean pool surfaces and equipment, and ensure water treatment and effective drainage. Additionally, facilities such as bathrooms and changing rooms must be provided, along with safety measures like barriers, fences, proper lighting, ventilation, and adherence to the pool's capacity to ensure the safety and health of swimmers.
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