Abu Dhabi

Within the framework of the month of mercy, forgiveness, and tolerance, Abu Dhabi City Municipality has implemented a humanitarian charitable initiative titled "Source of Goodness/Light of Goodness/Fawwalat Ramadan", aiming to bring happiness to workers during the Holy month.
This initiative reflects Abu Dhabi City Municipality's commitment, through Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center, to fostering relationships of compassion and generosity among various segments of society. It aims to reinforce the values of social solidarity and embody the noble humanitarian principles that the United Arab Emirates promotes, encouraging acts of generosity and goodness throughout the year, especially during Ramadan. Furthermore, this initiative highlights the significant attention given to the valuable social segment of workers, expressing respect and appreciation for their efforts and seeking to bring them joy.
This initiative, organized in collaboration with the "Abu Dhabi Autism Center", sought to enhance the community's social responsibility. It involved distributing gifts and "Hopes/Fawwala" to 100 workers during an event held in Rabdan Park.
The workers expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the humanitarian and charitable initiatives carried out by Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center in Rabdan. They affirmed that these activities foster harmony and love among all members of society and bring joy to individuals.

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