Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Municipality has accomplished a full project that aimed to improve 20 Parks in Abu Dhabi and its suburbs to meet the World Disability Reunion award’s standards and the requirements and needs of people of determination once they visit those Parks, like improving the services, public facilities and preparations in order for them to enjoy the facilities of those Parks in accordance with the best international standards.
This project comes along within (You Decorated our Parks for people of determination) initiative, and at the same time, it is a way for Abu Dhabi Municipality to provide the best services and facilities to all segments and classes of society, granting people of determination the care and support that will help to attain their aspirations and engaging with society, engraving awareness, understanding, tolerance, respect and communication between the whole community, achieving a better life quality for everyone.
The Municipality indicated that the Parks
nominated for the World Disability Reunion award due to meeting the requirements of people with determination, are: Old Airport Park, Old Post Park, Park No. 1,2,4, and 5, Al Saja Park, Alboom, The Family, and Albuhaira.
Whereas the Parks nominated for the award in the mainland are: Alshahama Park, Albahia, Almarasi, Aljadaf, Alrahba, South Yas Gates Park, Alkhatm Park, Aljoury Park, Khalifa Square and Radban park.
The Municipality also indicated that its working in accordance with a deliberate plan to include all parks in the improvement program to meet the requirements of people of determination and so that all of Abu Dhabi’s parks go with the standards of World Disability Reunion award, therefor bringing joy and comfort to this precious group
It is essential to point out that Abu Dhabi Municipality achieved unprecedented success this year as it recently received the World Disability Reunion certification in recognition of the potential and features of multiple of utilities and entertainment facilities  that meet the needs of people of determination, which are: (Corniche Beach and Shati Al Bahr) and that is due them containing everything necessary to bring joy to people of determination and assist them in performing their sports, entertainment, and relaxation activities.
The Municipality also assures that adapting different infrastructure projects and parks and entertainment area projects with the needs and requirements of people of determination falls within its top strategies, with that, the municipality offers multiple multipurpose fields with special and universal standards that go with the needs of people of determination, multiple sports equipment spread around in play areas which serve them all over the area and cities, and many other sports entertainment machines and equipment to bring them joy.

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