Abu Dhabi

In an effort to preserve the safety of the public and preserve the general appearance of Abu Dhabi city, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality draws the attention of residents to the importance of obtaining a permit to install car shades outside the plot limits from the competent authorities.
This was announced during a five-day awareness campaign coordinated by the municipality through the Sub-Municipalities Operations Sector, encompassing both the city of Abu Dhabi and its surrounding areas. The municipality clarified that the services for securing car umbrella installation permits are conveniently accessible through the TAMM platform.
The municipality also stressed the necessity of adhering to the specifications and requirements mentioned in the guide for organizing car shades outside the boundaries of the residential plot, and the following must also be taken into account:
• The permit holder must immediately remove the canopy or umbrellas upon request from the municipality or if they interfere with future service lines.
It's important to note that a new umbrella permit application fee is AED 1,000, while the fee for an existing umbrella permit renewal is AED 200 per umbrella. The permit holder is exempt from these fees upon securing the final permit for work outside the residential property boundaries.

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