Abu Dhabi

Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center – Bani Yas organized a community forum for the residents of Bani Yas City as a part of the (Nshwercom) Initiative which aims to meet the residents and listen to their opinions, and requirements, as well as to engage them in the process of service and facility development, all in order to improve life and provide the best service and recreational facilities dedicated for the residents’ joy.
Numerous strategic partners took part in the forum, represented by: the Department of Health, Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, Tadweer - Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company, and General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments.
In the forum, Al Tawajud Al Baladi Center – Bani Yas showcased the main projects and services currently available in the city, as well as the future plans and projects that aim to improve public and recreational services and facilities in a way that goes hand in hand with the aspirations and needs of residents, and lastly, the strategic partners have also showcased their current and future projects and services.
One of the forum's themes emphasized the importance of community awareness, with Al Twajud Al Baladi Center and the Partners highlighting the significance of community participation. This participation is vital in addressing negative phenomena, such as maintaining the general appearance, preserving public facilities and assets, enhancing security and safety, and preventing various types of violations.
Additionally, and as a part of its commitment to the safety and security of the residents, the Department of Energy assisted in educating the residents of Bani Yas regarding the importance of taking precautionary and preventive measures in using gas cylinders and the safe usage of such types of energy.
In conclusion, Al Tawajud Al Baladi – Bani Yas, along with strategic partners, attentively addressed the questions raised by residents. They documented their concerns, needs, and suggestions for future consideration and action. These inputs will be reviewed and potentially implemented in line with the city's General Development Plan, prioritizing initiatives aimed at enhancing residents' well-being and enriching their quality of life.

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