Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City Municipality underscored the necessity of fulfilling all health prerequisites for operating barbershops, women's beauty establishments, and fitness centers, in an effort to amplify the health and safety of community members.
This initiative was part of the awareness-raising inspection drive conducted by inspectors from the Madinat Zayed Municipality Center within the center's geographical jurisdiction, encompassing: Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Al Raha Beach, Shakhbout City, and Rabdan City.
The drive aimed to elevate the consciousness of personnel in women's barbershops and fitness centers, encouraging them to adhere strictly to health preventive protocols as prescribed
by laws governing these professions and services. It also aimed to bolster and champion the health and safety of visitors at these service centers, by ensuring thorough care of the tools used, refraining from the use of expired cosmetic materials, unauthorized equipment, or any materials not conforming to the health requirements enforced in Abu Dhabi.
The initiative also prioritized educating female visitors at these centers, offering them crucial advice, and encouraging them to report any infractions witnessed within these facilities. This is to ensure their protection, provision of superior services, and adherence to requisite health standards to safeguard their health and safety, a prime focus for Abu Dhabi City Municipality and its specialized teams.
Inspectors from the municipality also scrutinized cosmetics and their preparations, confirmed their validity, inspected the tools and materials used, encouraged employees at these centers to wear uniforms during service provision, and emphasized the cleanliness of salons, beauty centers, and women's fitness clubs.

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