Abu Dhabi

The Municipal Community Center in Mohamed Bin Zayed City, in collaboration with the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi, orchestrated an initiative for senior citizens and residents titled "Color Your Life". This initiative aimed to enhance interaction among all societal groups, support the creative and expressive capabilities within this esteemed group and inspire them to make decisions. By freely choosing colors, they can express their individuality, and their future aspirations, and foster a zeal for self-improvement.
The campaign, engaging 25 senior citizens and residents from Mohamed Bin Zayed City, incorporated a visit to Al Marsam Al Hor at the Cultural Foundation. This allowed participants to explore the support services offered for nurturing talents and professionals. Additionally, the campaign included a tour of the vintage cartoon art exhibition, providing an opportunity for these elder participants to revive treasured memories and indulge in nostalgic conversations about the past. These cherished stories and remembrances serve as timeless tales they recount to their children and grandchildren.
Additionally, the campaign facilitated an artistic workshop aimed at bolstering and uncovering the creative and expressive aspects of the participating senior citizens and residents. This unique experience offered them the chance to delve into the art of painting and color blending, thereby creating artworks that vividly depict their personalities and innovative capacities.
This initiative was received with great enthusiasm and resonance by the senior citizens and residents who participated in it. They expressed their appreciation and gratitude towards the Municipal Community Center in Mohamed Bin Zayed City for this warm gesture, which not only brought joy to their hearts but also strengthened the bond of communication between the center and the community in Mohamed Bin Zayed City.

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