Abu Dhabi

In line with its community-oriented role, and through Zayed City Municipality Center, Abu Dhabi City Municipality implemented a community initiative titled “Generational Get-Together.” This initiative involved visits to several national elder mothers in Rabdan City, in collaboration with Rabdan School and with active participation from a group of school students.
The primary aim of this initiative was to highlight the vital role that senior citizens play in our society, facilitate direct communication with them, raise awareness among the younger generations regarding the importance of respecting and appreciating senior citizens, and encourage interaction with them. Moreover, it aimed to strengthen connections across various age groups, preserve the national identity, and spread the expertise of these esteemed elders and utilize their life experiences.
During the visits paid as part of this initiative, numerous conversations took place with the elder mothers, as they shared their life stories with the students, reflecting on how life was in the past. The mothers also recounted significant historical events they had witnessed since the inception of the UAE and up to the present day. Additionally, the mothers shed light on the deep sense of community and cohesion among the people of the Emirates who have preserved the social values, noble traditions, and cultural heritage handed down by their ancestors, then passed on by them to their children and the new generations, guiding them in their personal and professional lives

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